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Constant and Sollensys Partner to Improve Back-Office Data Security for Financial Institutions

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Constant to Integrate Blockchain Data Assurance Solution into its Award-Winning Automotive Loan and Lease, Consumer Loan and Mortgage Solutions

PALM BAY, FL /ACCESSWIRE/March 30, 2022/ Sollensys Corp (OTCQB:SOLS), a leading cybersecurity company specializing in blockchain-based ransomware recovery, today announced that Constant, a self-service digitized technology provider for banks and credit unions, will integrate Sollensys’ blockchain data archiving solution into its financial services platform.

This integrated solution will provide an immutable archive for transactions that take place on Constant’s digital loan management and loss mitigation platform used by the banking industry. Constant’s platform enables borrowers and contract holders to self-service loan management tasks that would otherwise require agent assistance.

Financial services companies have seen an exponential increase in cyberattacks in recent years, and many have not been able to increase their technology budget enough to counter the current threat. The addition of a blockchain archive for data will provide Constant’s customers with an edge in built-in security.

The deal was initiated and coordinated by Acadia Leadership Partners, an industry channel network and independent member of BDO Alliance USA.

“Solensys brings a whole new layer of protection against malware and ransomware attacks,” said Catherine York Powers, CEO of Constant. “The combination of our technologies brings unparalleled protection to our platform. The collaboration between our software teams allows us to produce data security solutions for our banking customers and their customers.

Rather than starting with penetrable endpoints, Sollensys begins by securing a copy of what hackers most want to hold hostage and corrupt: organizations’ digital intellectual property and operational data. Sollensys exists to ensure that companies and institutions never pay a ransom and that their activities can continue quickly by saving an immutable and uncorrupted copy of their data.

“Constant has an exceptional product that drives operational efficiency and customer engagement for banks and credit unions through intelligent automation,” said Don Beavers, CEO of Sollensys Corp. “The addition of a blockchain component strengthens their partnerships in the banking sector in the fight against data theft. , ransomware attacks and data breaches.

About Sollensys

Sollensys Corp is a math, science, technology and engineering solutions company that provides products that ensure the integrity of customer data through collection, storage and transmission. Our innovative flagship product is the Blockchain Archive Server, a turnkey, out-of-the-box, blockchain solution that works with virtually any hardware and software combination in commercial use today, with no need to replace or upgrade. eliminate some of the customer data security that is used. The company recently launched its second product offering, the Regional Service Center, which offers small businesses the same cutting-edge technology that was previously only available to large or very well-financed businesses.

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About Constant

Constant is modernizing loan servicing and loss mitigation with interactive digital solutions that empower borrowers to better understand, manage and repay their debts. Loan servicers are able to significantly reduce costs and reduce errors and compliance risks, while improving the customer experience, without having to modify their core service and associated systems.

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About Acadia Leadership Partners (ALPS)

Acadia Leadership Partners (ALPS) elevates your company’s value proposition by aligning it with industry leaders through our executive channel networks. ALPS’ customers range from innovative, emerging pre-Series A companies to multi-faceted, mid-size enterprise software and services companies – all with unique, niche-based value offerings for the mid-to-large market. large caps. Every customer benefits from ALPS’ delivery capabilities and network, directly affecting market presence and revenue, driving incremental growth and market capitalization improvements. ALPS is an independent member of BDO Alliance USA

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