Billy Twymon opens art gallery in Lincoln Avenue house in Evansville

Billy Twymon opens art gallery in Lincoln Avenue house in Evansville

EVANSVILLE, Ind. – Billy Twymon moved to Evansville about 30 years ago, and he only planned to stay here for a month.

Now, three decades later, Twymon has not only stuck around, he’s also put down roots and contributed to the local arts community.

Art is a passion for Twymon, a Detroit native who is now 70, and he’s opening up a new space this week to help others enjoy it.

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Twymon’s new gallery, TwymonArt, is set in an unusual setting: a house.

It is located at 1015 Lincoln Ave., a two-story house that now houses Tymon’s work and that of 17 other artists.

“As an artist, I could already see it visually. I was already moving stuff,” he said of the location choice.

Billy Twymon checks out the lighting circuit for the new sign in front of TwymonArt at 1015 Lincoln Avenue on Monday morning March 21, 2022. The new space offers a ground floor gallery for art exhibition and upstairs is located his art studio and a recording studio.

Twymon gave up his other business, a downtown cafe called Java Bean. He retired from this commercial quest and began to invest in his art.

Not feeling like the city previously offered much space for artists of color, he said he decided to create his own. In 2016, he opened a gallery with the hope of attracting artists from all walks of life. This 3,000 square foot gallery also had a studio and was located on North Burkhardt Road on the city’s East Side.